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Steel and Aluminum structural plate, versatile and economical

Corrugation structural sketch
Fig-2, Structural plates can be assembled to seven shapes
Corrugated structural plates are designed with deep-corrugated profile - 381 mm pitch by 140 mm depth in its maximum size(see fig-1). This unique configuration makes it much stronger than other configurations with the same thickness.

Corrugated structural plates are available in steel and aluminum. Both are hot-dip-galvanized with 3-ounce zinc coating, which gives the plate a 40% longer life span than regular corrugated steel pipe.

For similar size, structural plates are far lighter than reinforced concrete pipe, reducing equipment costs and allowing for easy operation of long preassembled structures.

Corrugated metal structural plates are conveyed to job site and finished assembling into final shapes through bolting. As finished on-site, structural plates won’t have shipment limitations as did the large conventional pipes. They can be bolted into the desired shape and size to meet the practical application. Especially, when spans exceed 12 ft., structural plate is the premier choice.

Steel structural plates in the final round shape
Steel structural plate pipe is bolted by modular plates

steel structural plates ready for shipment to America
Hot-dipped galvanized steel structural plates stocked at the warehouse.

Structural plates combine the advantage of deep-corrugated, hot-dipped galvanized, light weight, easy shipment and installation. They are the most versatile on the market and extensively used both at home and abroad.

Corrugated steel structural plates come in seven basic shapes: (see fig-2) round, versatile ellipse, low and high profile, standard arch, pipe arch, and box culverts. Each type has its own features and extensive applications.

Strong: Deep-corrugated construction gives it 8 times the stiffness of conventional structural plate and the ability of withstanding the heaviest loads.
Lightweight: Aluminum structural plates are much lighter than typical structural plate or conventional plates, making them suitable for remote areas.
Long life span: Hot dipped galvanized coating creates a protective film and gives structural plates a 50% longer life span.
Friendly to Environment: The structure types virtually eliminate streamed interference. And their wide-span prevents blockages and flooding. Unlike conventional bridges, which need continuous maintenance, the structures made by metal structural plates require fewer repairs.

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