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Economical end treatment for corrugated pipes or pipe-arches

End treatments add a hydraulically superior, economical, and aesthetic property to various of culverts. They are often made of galvanized steel and aluminum. These materials are light, flexible and resistant to weathers, abrasion and corrosive liquids.

They can be combined with corrugated metal pipes in either annular or helical corrugations. End treatments can be reused when the culvert relocating or lengthening.

Safety end sections are available in 6 : 1 or 4 : 1 slopes. Standard end sections are suitable for corrugated pipes up to 2400 mm in diameter and pipe arches up to 2130 mm span by 1460 mm rise. For special diameters, please contact us.


  1. Lightweight
  2. Economical
  3. Significantly improved flow characteristics
  4. Enhance scour and sedimentation conditions
  5. Controlling headwater depth
Culvert end treatments aligned with corrugated steel pipe Aluminum end section of an extended edition
Culvert end treatment in steel is light and versatile Aluminum end section with a slope of 6 : 1

Economical and hydraulically superior end treatment for culverts

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