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Corrugated metal pipes with solid performance and diverse applications

Corrugated metal pipe is a perfect combination of strength, aesthetics, durability, economy and performance. An increasing number of engineers and designers tend to choose corrugated metal pipes for culverts, storm sewers, small bridges, grade separations and storm water detention systems.

Corrugated metal pipes are available in a series of corrugation profiles and wall thicknesses with the diameter up to 144”. To extend their service lives, various protective coatings are provided, including galvanized, aluminized and polymer coated. Corrugated pipes can be fabricated by steel or aluminum which doesn’t need protective coating. All these choices allow designers and engineers to choose the appropriate pipe in accordance with the practical applications.

Corrugated steel pipe coated by polymer
Polymer coated corrugated steel pipe can serve 100 plus years

Various sizes of corrugated aluminum pipes at stock
Corrugated aluminum pipe at manufacturing shop

Optional coating
Galvanized corrugated steel pipe, galvanized method is a standard way to enlarge life spans of steel products. Research shows that galvanized coating provide about 25 years of service period.Aluminized type 2 coating corrugated steel pipe offer excellent corrosion resistance against corrosive media and abrasive bedload. Its maximum life span can reach 75 years.

Polymer coated corrugated steel pipe will withstand to aggressive conditions with high concentrations of acids and alkalis. Its perfect performances surpass any concrete pipes.

Corrugated Metal Pipe
Part No. Corrugations (pitch by depth) (inch) Round Pipe Diameter(inch)
CMP01 1-1/2 × 1/4 6 - 10
CMP02 2-2/3 × 1/2 12 - 72
CMP03 3 × 1 48 - 102
CMP04 5 × 1 48 - 144

Easy to install
A series of sizes, thicknesses, materials and coatings to be chosen.
Deep corrugation adds strength to the pipe.

Corrugated steel pipe used in cold area of Northern China
Corrugated steel pipe installation spent two days containing the prepared work of one and a half days

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