About Us

Hebei Anrun Anticorrosion Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. has been striving for a leader in the field of metal culverts. It has set up a solid reputation by manufacturing professional metal culverts, state-of-art corrugated metal pipes, structural plates and end treatments.

The right choice
When we started from scratch in 1998, we focused on manufacture economic and attractive infrastructure solutions in a full series of sizes and types, covering culverts, storm water sewer, sanitary sewer, small bridge, railway tunnel, underpasses and grade separations. Give us your applications, and our technical team will work hard to find out the best solutions.

The right quality
Although a lot of products are manufactured, they have something in common - better quality and better performance. Corrugated metal pipe, structural plates in different profiles, and end treatments are all designed according to practical conditions. They are not only durable and economic, but also add attractiveness to the landscape.

The most trusted team
Anrun’s team is a hard work team, a professional team. Our designers have rich experiences and they know how to resolve problems, for example how to select the right foundation, what material and shape should be used. Our workers, though they are not so familiar with the design, they are very skilled at installing.

Hebei Anrun Anticorrosion Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. benefits leading-edge project management and first-class products. We believe that our hard work will win reputation and trust by our customers both home and abroad.